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Social Learning Network
Internet is full of useful information and resources. But the problem is there are more junks than useful content or information. So, you must have some good idea about where to look before starting your search for information. Otherwise you are going to waste lost of your valuable time searching online.

Looking for some course-related materials online? Unable to find a suitable site? Take a look at Course Hero (, a network that helps students, professors and learners to share and view course-related resources online. From accounting to electrical engineering and from biology to physics, there are so many resources on so many topics that you won't feel the need to go anywhere else for course-related materials.

This coursework website facilitates learning through user-contributed materials and online discussion groups. That's why Course Hero calls itself the social learning network. There are study materials, study groups and language tools to help you find the right academic materials.

How Course Hero can help you as an student? Right now Course Hero is focused on undergraduate and graduate students. You can use it to find school-specific notes. More than 300,000 students from different schools share and view notes on Course Hero. For example, want some Psychology notes? What about PSYCH 101 Rutgers University notes? Don't worry they have it. Similarly you can find useful notes and academic course materials from other top schools.

Well, this social learning network is not only about helping students find and share Rutgers PSYCH 101 Exam Solution and other course materials or notes online. It is also a nice platform for educators, where they can share their knowledge beyond the classroom with other educators, students and interested learners.

In my view Course Hero is an unique platform both for the students and the educators to share their knowledge and tech each other. Moreover it is a free site and anyone with a Facebook account can login to view and access the materials posted there. Give it a visit today.