Prayer is Power

Prayer is Power
Prayer is the most powerful form of energy that one can produce. If you pray sincerely everyday you will feel a steady flow of continuous power in your daily life. Do you pray? How often do you pray?

All of us pray in different ways. Some people go to their places of worship and offer prayers, though many believe that God is present anywhere. People believe that prayer produces desired effect. This has been proved in some rare cases in the medical field where patients have been cured of diseases by the calm effort of prayer though the medical treatment had failed to produce the desired effect.

Properly understood, prayer is an activity indispensable for the fullest development of one's personality. Only in prayer we achieve that complete harmony of body, mind and spirit that gives the frail human body its unshakable strength.

How does prayer fortify us with so much dynamic power? Human beings seek to increase their limited energy by turning themselves to unlimited source of all energy. When we pray, we connect ourselves with the inexhaustible power that spins the universe. We then arise and feel morally strengthened and physically brightened up.

In order to mould our personality fully, prayer must become a regular habit. One can pray anywhere in the street, in the office, in the school or college, alone in one's room, in the church, mosque or temple. There is no prescribed posture, time or place for prayer. But it is of no use to pray in the mornings and lead a life without a sense of values for the remainder of the day. True prayer is a way of life. In fact, the 'trust' in life is literally a way of prayer.

So, go for it! Prayer will always help you in your life.