Giant Panda celebrates 4th Birthday

Giant Panda

Tai Shan, a Giant Panda, recently celebrated his 4th birthday at the  Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Many guests attended his birthday party and the main attraction of the party was a three-tiered "veggie-sicle" cake. The frozen cake was made over the course of two weeks by Zoo commissary staff by freezing a combination of water, beets and beet juice while enhancing it with bamboo and fruit. Tai quickly took to the frozen treat, licking at the ice, spotting his furry face with the melting beet juice. Take a look at the pictures.



Photo Credit: Mehgan Murphy/Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Women Spend One Year deciding What to Wear!

On average women spend nearly a year of their life deciding what to wear, the findings of a new study suggests. Can you believe this? Though it sounds odd, I think it is true and applicable to most women. The study, conducted by clothes giant Matalan, found that on average a female spends 287 days of her life rifling through her wardrobe deciding what to wear.

Women chooses clothes

The study was based on poll results that involved 2,491 women within the age of 16 to 60 years. It revealed that most women will spend around 20 minutes deciding what to wear before going out on a weekend night. Even during week nights women spend up to 20 minutes a time deciding what to wear. And during holidays it may take up to 52 minutes each time.

The study also found on average women will try on two outfits each morning before coming to a final decision. And one in two women spend 15 minutes the night before work working out what to wear. Interesting. Isn't it?

Why women spend lots of time deciding what to wear? According to a spokesperson of Matalan, clothes represents an image and it is fundamentally important to women. Also, what you wear has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself . That's why it is important a woman feels exceptional in her outfit. Yes, that's why we love to shop!

Pick the best TV service with MyTVOptions

TV Entertainment
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Relieve Stress Quickly and Effectively

Meditation is a method for relaxation and personal growth that has been around for centuries. It is a great tool for calming and concentrating the mind any time, any place. In simple words, meditation is the best stress buster. But what is you don't have time for meditation? What if you are having trouble with your meditation? Don't worry. Try one of the following three good ways to relieve stress. They don't even require any practice.


1. Breath Well to Relieve Your Stress:

When you feel anxiety coming on, breath deep. If you don't feel like meditating or just don't have time for it, stop for one minute and breath. Just breath deeply through your nose and let the tension drain out from your muscles as much as possible. Give special attention to the tightness in your face and shoulders. Deep breathing, even for a minute, can relax you significantly.

2. Get Rid of  Your Stressors Quickly: 

Get rid of your stress but taking a quick decision. At least take some action. Indecisiveness, waiting, wondering and worrying cause stress. Simply making decisions and taking action can be one of the most immediate ways to relieve stress. Take a moment whenever you feel stressed, identify the things in your mind that are contributing to your stress, and then do something about them. Start a list, talk to someone, make a decision - just do something to let the stressor go. That's all there is to this simple technique.

3. Do Things You Enjoy and Love:

Engage yourself yourself in something that you enjoy and drop your worries. When you are totally engaged in an activity, you'll notice that there isn't any room for stressful thoughts. So, it will help you relieve your stress. While physical activity has some advantages, you can try doing anything that you can put your whole mind into. That could be reading a good book, cooking, or playing the piano. Even your job or business can be one of the best ways to relieve stress, provided you are passionate about your job or business.

Beauty Contest for Earthquake Survivors

It is reported that a beauty contest was organized for refugees of Italy's L'Aquila earthquake to give recovery hopes a head start. That was definitely a good cause. Stunning beauty Sara Iervolino, 26, was made Miss Tent City in the contest aimed at cheering up victims of the quake, many of which are still living in tents erected by the Italian government.

Miss Tent City

Organiser, hairdresser Antonello Durastante, said: "These girls have been through hell and back and now they have to live in a tent which doesn't do anything for a girl's self-esteem. We want to give them back dignity and beauty." Yes, after all we all are humans!

The 2009 L'Aquila earthquake was an earthquake of 6.3 moment magnitude that occurred in the central Italian region of Abruzzo on 6 April 2009. The majority of the damage occurred in the medieval city of L'Aquila and the surrounding villages. 297 people are known to have died, making this the deadliest earthquake to hit Italy since the 1980 Irpinia earthquake.