Bodyguard of Hitler stops replying Fan mails!

Did you know that one man who served Adolf Hitler as a bodyguard is still alive? 93 years old Rochus Misch, the last surviving bodyguard of Adolf Hitler, is saying goodbye to fan mails! Misch, who served Hitler during World War II has said that he can no longer reply to fan mails that he receives from different corners of the world because of his age.

Rochus_Misch Hitler Bodyguard

Rochus Misch served Hitler as telephone operator, bodyguard and courier boy. After Hitler's suicide he was captured by Soviet forces. He is believed to be the last person alive who have seen Hitler. Misch has a large fan base who writes to him mostly for autographs. In the past he used to send fans autographed copies of wartime photos of himself in a SS uniform. Now the incoming fan mail, including letters and packages, piles up in his flat in south Berlin.

German tabloid Berliner Kurier quoted him as saying that "They (letters) come from Korea, from Knoxville, Tennessee, from Finland and Iceland - and not one has a bad word to say". But due to his age it was "no longer possible" to reply all those fan mails. Misch now depends on a walking frame to move around his apartment.

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Chatroulette Piano Chat Video

Love Chatroulette? Someone named Merton is using this fun video chat site for piano improvement! Yeh, that's just for fun. Take a look at this video. Merton chats with random strangers on ChatRoulette while playing his piano. Definitely an interesting (and entertaining) way to chat on Chatroulette.

Hearing Problems and Cochlear Implants

Hearing loss or deafness is one of those conditions that makes life of a person more complicated. It first affects routine communication, as a deaf person find it difficult to understand sounds and speech. There are various causes of hearing loss. For example, prolonged exposure to environmental noise, exposure to chemicals, medications, injuries, diseases etc. Moreover, genetic factors may also play a great role in hearing impairment. So, nobody knows how, when and where one person may loss his/her hearing ability. Yes, there are may treatments for deafness. Hearing aids may reduce some of the problems but are often insufficient, specially for profoundly deaf people.

Hearing Problems For severe deafness there is another solution. Yes, I am talking about cochlear implants, which can restore hearing even when conventional hearing aids fails. A Cochlear Implant is a small electronic device designed to help profoundly deaf people. During an operation this tiny device is placed in the inner ear. It works by turning sounds into electrical signals and then stimulating the hearing nerve directly. So, even a deaf person may be able to understand sounds and speech. For quick reference one may think about MedEL Cochlear Implants.

How reliable this procedure is? Various clinical studies have already proved that cochlear implants does help in speech and environmental sound recognition. Cochlear Implant is a good option for children and adults with severe hearing problems. It can be provided for children as young as 18 months old. But wait! These implants are recommended only when a person is badly or severely deaf. In other words, Cochlear Implants are for those who received little or no benefits from other hearing aids.

Cochlear Implant is an expensive procedure and requires patient training for effectiveness. Also there may be some risks associated with the Cochlear Implant Surgery and the whole procedure. That's why it is advised to consult a good doctor to see if a MedEL Cochlear Implant is right for a patient. Moreover, proper selection of implant candidates is also a must. As I have mentioned above, it is not for all. Normally, a candidate is selected after taking into account various factors such as hearing history, causes of hearing loss, hearing aid history, health status etc. So, don't mess with this stuff until and unless it is extremely unavoidable.


World's Smallest Baby Boy Survives

Doctors in Germany have released the photographs of the world's smallest baby boy, who was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing just 275 grams. He was so little at birth that a tape measure laid next to his body was wider than his limbs. According to recorded information he is the lightest boy worldwide who has survived an early birth. Take a look at the picture.

Smallest Boy

The boy was born in June 2009 in the University Hospital at Goettingen through a Caesarean section. The boy was only 27 centimeters long. Doctors did not believe he would live when he was born but tried hard to keep him alive. And finally they win and the baby boy survived! In December, after six months in intensive care, the baby was allowed home with his parents. Now the boy weighs 3,700 grams, a normal birth weight.

World Record for Holding Breath Underwater

Guinness World Record

Swiss freediver Peter Colat has just broken the Guinness World Record for holding a breath underwater by holding his breathe for 19 minutes and 21 seconds. The 38-year-old freediver from Zurich performed the feat in a water tank in St Gallen, Switzerland.

According to Colat, the first 12 minutes were easier. He was allowed to breathe pure oxygen for 10 minutes before the attempt. Colat beat the previous Guinness World Record, held by Nicola Putignano of Italy, by 19 seconds. Congratulations Colat. It was really impressive and impossible!