Groom Sells Tie Advertising Space

Some people can do anything and everything for money. Don't blame their character or habits, it is money that makes them do those unbelievable, weird and even illegal things. Well, I am not going to tell you about anything illegal here. I just want to put some smile on you face by telling you about an weird but interesting idea!

Tie Advertising Space

Believe it or now, a Romanian man is trying to rise money by selling advertising space on his wedding tie. Tudor Ciora, 26, the groom wants to raise some money to meet the wedding expenses. Companies can pay 20 euro for a slot near the top of his tie, 15 euro for one in the middle or just 10 euro to have their name at the bottom of the tie.

Tudor Ciora has already created a website to promote his advertising space and hopes that it will raise enough money to buy a new car! You can find out more about the tie advertising campaign here

Are you ready to compromise with your wedding dress for money? If you are running out of money, try the idea of Tudor Ciora. But use at your own risk and don't blame me if your mission to raise money fails!