Legal Battle over Frozen Dog Sperm!

On Wednesday morning a divorced couple brought an interesting but odd case before Michigan family court Judge Cheryl Matthews. It was all about frozen sperm from Bullmastiffs the couple bred in happier times.


Anthony Scully and his former wife Karen Scully wanted a verdict on ownership of valuable frozen semen taken from three Bullmastiffs, two of which are deceased. During their split in 2002, the couple divvied up the six bull mastiffs they owned. Anthony kept four while Karen took two. Now, they're fighting over who owns the frozen sperm taken from Cyrus, Regg and Romeo. Note that frozen sperm can be banked for years to use in breeding and Bullmastiff dogs can sell for up to $2,000 each.

So, on Wednesday morning their lawyers appeared in the Family Court. Michigan family court Judge Cheryl Matthews first thought that it was a prank!

"I asked, 'Am I Being Punk'd?' " Matthews said later on Wednesday afternoon.

But soon she realized that the case was real and ruled that it was not a divorce matter and told the couple to fight it out in a civil court. It is reported that the Bullmastiffs frozen sperm case is now assigned to Oakland County Circuit Judge Leo Bowman.