Dog owners really look like their pets?

Just by looking at a person you can easily guess what kind of pet dog he or she owns! No, this is not my guess. Researchers at Britain's Bath Spa University have proved that dog owners actually do look like their dogs! The researchers came to this conclusion after a study that tried to see if dogs and their masters had similar personalities.


"There is a little bit of truth in the theory that owners look like their dogs, but if you are of a robust build you will probably have a more robust dog so that you can gets lots of exercise. If you are more slight you may want a poodle as you think that they need less exercise," Dr Lance Workman said to The Telegraph.

The study asked a group of 70 people who do not own a dog were asked to match photos of 41 dog owners to three possible breeds - labrador, poodle or Staffordshire bull terrier. Dog owners were correctly matched to their breed of dog above the level of chance.

But when the researchers tested the dog owners' personalities, they found no strong links between any particular personality trait and choice of dog breed. So, the resemblance between the appearance of pets and their owners is only skin deep. Don't take it seriously.


Anonymous said...

wooow cute dog

Anonymous said...

Looks like my dog!!! :) do I look like her? I don't know...