Twin Ducklings hatch from One Egg!

Take a look at the picture. These two cute ducklings are the first recorded twin ducklings to ever hatch from same egg and survive. The ducklings hatched from the same egg at a British duck farm. The ducklings named Romulus and Remus will now become pets at the Cornish Duck Company in St Austell, Cornwall.


British farmer Roger Olver and partner Tanya Dalton had overseen the hatching of a group of eggs when they noticed that one was left uncracked and when she tried to help it turned out to a rare spectacle. When Tanya tried to break it, she saw a beak peck through at one end, but was stunned when seconds later another bird emerged from the other end.

"When we did the hatch there was one duckling left struggling to get out at the end," the Telegraph quoted Olver, 56, as saying.

"It was unbelievable. Two ducklings from the same egg. We managed to get them both out and now they are doing fine. They are in perfect health. They're looking pretty good, bearing in mind they were cooped up together in the same shell," Olver added.

Tanya Dalton, 38 has described the births as a "miracle" and has prepared an area at the farm where Romulus and Remus can be kept as pets.