Stop Singing in Shower to Save Water

Save Water
According to the Daily Mail, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has instructed his citizens to stop singing in the shower. Why? Because his country is currently going through chronic water and energy crisis. So, by spending little time in the bathroom, people can save water.

"Some people sing in the shower, stay in the shower for half an hour," Chavez expressed his view in a televised cabinet meeting.

"No, kids," he urged, "three minutes is more than enough. I've counted, three minutes, and I don't stink." Warming to his subject, he continued: "If you're going to lie back in the bath with the soap and you turn on the Jacuzzi, imagine that - what kind of Communism is that?"

In recent months, Venezuelans are facing serious blackouts due to increased demand and a lack of investment. On top of that low rainfall is affecting the hydroelectric dams that generate much of the Venezuela's power. So, President Chavez is taking a lead in the fight against wasted energy. He has already announced measures to curb energy use, instructing government departments and nationalized companies to reduce their energy consumption by 20 per cent.