People, Life, Happiness and Living Life Fully

Are you happy? Do you think that your life is complete? Or how to feel like your life is complete? In exploring his own and others' lives, a wise man has identified the following four rules of living that give a sense of completeness to our days on earth :


  1. Accept challenge and pain: We have to be prepared to accept pain, or else we will never dare to hope or to live. Without the readiness to feel, which must include feeling pain, we will never know joy. We have been led to believe that for every hurt there is a pill we can take to stop it. But when the pain of rejection, deteriorating health or dashed dreams does not go away, many do not know how to deal with it. Pain is part of being alive, but it does not last for ever, and it is bearable. Broken hearts, like broken bones, ultimately heal and there is life beyond the hurting.
  2. Be close to People: We need to belong intimately to a few people with whom we share our lives. All the structures for which we spend so much time and energy to create are built on sand. At any time a wave may knock them down. When that happens, the person who has somebody's hand to hold will be able to laugh, and start over.
  3. Know that you have made a difference: While not all of us have great wealth or talent, we can invest our creative energy in ways that remain after we are gone. We can all make a difference by teaching. By this I mean not only the classroom teacher but also the experienced accountant or factory worker passing on advice to the new arrival. Having an impact on another person, shaping his or her life in some small but vital way, is one of the most enduring satisfactions we ever know.
  4. Live life until you die: The philosopher Horace Kallen once said, "There are persons who shape their lives by the fear of death, and persons who shape their lives by the joy of life. The former live dying; the later die living. Whenever I die, I intend to die living." We should think of life as the accumulation of treasures. Every new friend made, every new truth learned or experience undergone makes us richer than we were. You should keep it in mind that, it is only when you are no longer afraid to die, you can say you are truly alive.