Big Red - National Debt Calculator

Big Red
The US national debt is more than 11 trillion dollar. This sum is so large that it doesn't fit on most calculators. That's why western Colorado real estate developer Matt Miles made a new calculator that displays 16 digits and calculates the national debt.

Named "Big Red", the calculator comes with some very useful features, including the ability to calculate the national debt and add the amount it grows each day (more than $2 billion daily). Yes, it can show all the numbers in the national debt, which totaled nearly $11.8 trillion or $11,792,918,170,836.43 at the beginning of September, 2009. That's why it is called "Big Red -The Official Calculator of the National Deb"

Want to own a "Big Red"? It is on sale for $12.99 at Yes, that value fits on all calculators and your budget too!