Fisherman Pig from China!


Pigs can do some really nasty things. Some of them are dirty. Some of them are funny. And I am sure that you have seen many of them. But can you think about a pig catching fish? Take a look at the picture above. This Chinese pig regularly catches fish from a pond.

How all these started? Han, the pig's owner, created a small pond for breeding tropical fish, at her home in Dahangou village, Zhenping. When the market price for the fish dropped, she gave up on the venture. But, one day she found that still there is one eager customer and it is her pig.

"I was amazed to see that the pig I raised is helping himself to fish from the pond," she told the Eastern Asia Trade and Economic News. It steps into the shallow water, catches fish in its mouth and happily eats them on the spot."

Han said she was happy for the pig to help itself to the fish rather than let them go to waste. Really an intelligent pig isn't it?