World's Largest Ceviche served in Peru

World's Largest Ceviche
On Sunday, chefs in Peru prepared the World's Largets Ceviche, a form of citrus-marinated seafood appetizer, popular in mainly Latin American countries like Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. . The 6.8 tonne dish was prepared in an open-air sports stadium in Callao, a district near Peru's capital. About 450 students and chefs worked together for the preparation, which was an attempt to bring back their world record title.

After the ceviche was ready, it's weight was measured by putting the traditional dish into smaller boxes and taking the measurement with a movable scale. A representative of the Guinness Books of World Records was also present there, who later confirmed the new record. The previous record for the world's largest ceviche, weighing in at 4.5 tons, was set in Mexico in 2005.