Britain's "Worst Christmas Tree"

A Christmas tree in Peterlee, a town in County Durham, England, is being termed as the "Worst Christmas Tree"! Because it is too small and looks more like a twig than a tree. And even some people thinks the tree is an insult to the town! Take a look at the picture.

The tree was meant to be the focal point of festive celebrations at Castle Dene Shopping Centre in Peterlee. When the tree arrived it turned out to be smaller than expected. But, it was too late to order another one. So, it was put up and decorated with coloured lights. Even pop star Natasha Hamilton was invited to officially switched on it's lights.

Despite all those decoration the Christmas tree failed to attract local people. One shopper termed it as "the worst Christmas tree in the country". Even complaints were lodged before Councillor Joan Maslin.

After all those complaints and media coverage, the Shopping Centre was flooded with offers of replacement. Now it is reported that the Christmas tree will be replaced with a new 20ft tall Norway spruce, provided by Forestry Commission. At last the people of Peterlee will be able to enjoy a beautiful Christmas!