Photographer Orangutan's work on eBay

Nonja, the Orangutan that turned a photographer after receiving a digital camera from her keepers, is now selling her work on eBay. Each of her framed works printed on canvas also carries her trademark thumbprint signature. An exhibition of Nonja's best 20 snaps had also been unveiled in the zoo. Cash raised from the effort will go to protecting the habitat of wild orangutans in Borneo.

Nonja Orangutan Photo

All these started when Nonja's keepers at Vienna's Schoenbrunn zoo in Austria gave her a digital camera that dispenses raisins when a picture is taken. The 33-year-old orangutan learned that when she press a button, the raisins pops up. In this way she became a photographer and got her own Facebook profile. Snaps from the digital camera are uploaded instantly over a WiFi link. Nonja was also a painter and her works often reached up to £2,000 at auction. Right now, she has 155 photos on Facebook and more than 82,000 fans. The above photograph was taken by Nonja. Amazing, isn't it?