Today's Babies will Live to 100 Years!

More than half of babies born in rich countries after year 2000 will live to 100 years, a paper published in the latest edition of medical journal Lancet suggests. According to the Danish experts, life expectancy in developed countries increased by more than 30 years since the 20th century and surprisingly the trend shows no sign of slowing down. So, if the trend continues, most babies born today in developed countries will live to see the 22nd century.


For the study, James Vaupel of the Max Planck Institute in Germany and colleagues in Denmark examined data published globally on numerous issues related to aging in 2004-2005. They found that human life expectancy is increasing steadily in most countries and there is no sign of slowing down. It is basically the improvements in health care, that are slowing down the process of aging and challenging the idea that there is a limit to human longevity.

While illnesses affecting the elderly like heart disease, cancer and diabetes are rising, advances in medical treatment are also making it possible for them to remain active for longer. But the obesity epidemic may complicate the matters. Though our kids could live to be 100, obesity could make them more susceptible to diseases and may even increase their risk of earlier deaths from cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.