Scarlett's Magic : World's Tallest Domestic Cat

Scarlett’s Magic, an F1 Savannah cat from Corona, California, has been named the World's Tallest Domestic Cat by Guinness World Records. Scarlett’s Magic, who measures 43.43 centimetres (17.1 inches) from shoulder to toe, is also awaiting the result on a second nomination as the longest (tip of the nose to tip of the tail) domestic cat. Take a look at the picture. Cute animal. Isn't it?

Scarlett’s Magic is 18 months old and has a beige coat and dramatic auburn and black spots. "The Savannah is the most intelligent, loving and beautiful animal companion a family could wish for," Kim Draper, the owner of Scarlett said.

Savannah cats are a cross between an African Serval and a domesticated breed. According to Draper, Savannahs are becoming increasingly popular in California due to their unique appearance and learning abilities. Dropper is Savannah breeder and owns the Californian-based, Savannah Cat Shoppe, with her husband Lee.