World's Oldest Dog dies at 21


Chanel, the world's oldest dog passes away! According to news reports, Chanel died on Friday of natural causes at her owners' home in Port Jefferson Station, on Long Island. Chanel was 21 years old (or 147 in dog years) and she was officially certified oldest dog in the world! Earlier in May, Guinness World Records officials presented Chanel with a certificate as the world's oldest dog at her birthday party hosted by a private pet food company.

The white wire-haired dachshund was only 6 weeks old when Denice and Karl Shaughnessy adopted her from a shelter. The stylish dog who used to wear tinted goggles (for her cataracts) also spent 9 years in Germany where Denice was on assignment with the U.S. Army. Chanel was also sensitive to the cold and that's why used to wear sweaters.

Now the big question is who is next? After Chanel who will get the title?  After all being World's Oldest Dog is not a matter of joke. What you say?