102-year-old Woman Quits Smoking

According to news reports, a woman who has smoked for 95 years has finally decided to say goodbye to the habit! Sounds strange. Isn't it? Winnie Langley, who is now 102 years old, started her smoking habit back in 1914, when everyone used to smoke and there were no awareness of the risks of smoking. Now, she has decided to quit because she "didn't fancy it any more".


Mrs Langley, who lives in Croydon, South London, has smoked on average five cigarettes a day. And still she is fine without any serious disease like cancer. Langley claims that she has prevented getting cancer because she does not inhale the smoke.

Yes, smoking is injurious to health. We all know this fact. But, it is not that every smoker is dying with cancer or other smoking-related diseases. In my view, Mrs Langley's case also proves that. But it must not encourage you to smoke more cigarettes. Because, it is a scientifically proved fact that smoking is the cause, the root cause, of many deadly aliments. Stay away from cigarettes and it's smoke.

The good news is that she is quitting. Smokers can take inspiration from her to quit the bad habit. When a 102-year-old woman can quit, why can't you? Think about it.

Via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1212928/Im-giving-cigarettes--95-years.html