Wikipedia turned into a 5000 page Book!

Wikipedia is free online encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software. Right now it contains more than 2,922,121 articles and is considered as one of the most reliable sources of information on various topics.

But Rob Matthews, a graphic design student from Brighton, Sussex, thought differently. He gave a shape to the popular online resource by converting it into a gigantic book of 5,000 pages. Take a look at the picture.

Sally 6/5/9 117

The book contains 437 featured articles from Wikipedia, which were selected on the basis of quality, accuracy, neutrality, completeness and style. It took Rob two weeks to produce the book, which is 1ft 7ins thick!

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"I'm comparing the Internet Wikipedia to a traditional encyclopedia by putting it in the same format", Rob said. "I wanted to make a comment on how everyone goes to the Internet these days for information, yet it is very unreliable compared to what it has replaced", he added.



Rahul said...

When you everything accessible online why u need a printed version which u cannot even carry with you for reading ?

What a waste of paper ..