The Crack Garden!

Looking for an unique gardening idea? What about a "Crack Garden"? Take a look at the picture above. Yes, this is a Crack Garden, which received an honor award in the Residential Design category of 2009 ASLA Professional Awards. In my view, it is cool gardening idea for urban areas, where space and resources are limited for a traditional home garden.
The Crack Garden was a project by CMG Landscape Architecture, which was inspired by the tenacious plants that pioneer the tiny cracks of urban landscapes, a backyard is transformed through hostile takeover of an existing concrete slab by imposing a series of "cracks". The rows of this garden contain a lushly planted mix of herbs, vegetables, flowers, and rogue weeds retained for their aesthetic value.
The conceptual basis of The Crack Garden is to reveal the potential for beauty that underlies the concrete and asphalt that is the predominant ground plane material of the urban landscape. The interventions into the site of The Crack Garden were primarily actions of removal rather than the addition of new layers and material. By eliminating portions of the existing concrete and exposing the soil beneath, potential is released, and new opportunities for the garden arise. The side of the garden along the residents' building is kept open for social activities, and plants selected for the cracks can tolerate foot traffic, which allows for multiple uses throughout the garden.