World's Oldest Dog is 21 Year Old

The world's living oldest dog is a dachshund called Chanel. On Wednesday Chanel celebrated her 21st birthday with a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records. The rescue dog from Port Jefferson in New York also visited a dog hotel and spa to celebrate her birthday!


Chanel became the world's oldest dog after the previous record holder Butch died in 2003. Butch was 28 years old. A spokewoman from the Guinness Book of Records awarded Chanel the official certificate after reviewing a veterinarian's certificate, statements from four witnesses and photographs of Chanel.

Chanel's owners Denice Shaughnessy and Karl Shaugnessey said that they adopted the dachshund from a dog shelter in Virginia when she was a six-week-old puppy. Point to note that 21 years is equivalent to the age of 147 in dog years.