Injured Stork gets Artificial Beak

It is reported that an injured stork in Hungary recently got a new life when some experts replaced it's damaged beak with an artificial one. Take a look at the picture.


The stork damaged it's beak in an accident and was taken to the Hortobagy Birds' Hospital. After one-hour operation the experts successfully repaired the lower beak and replaced the top beak with an artificial one made out of synthetic resins. Without the artificial beak, the bird would have needed hand-feeding for the rest of its life and would have been unable to return to the wild.

Now the bird is recovering and will be released back into the wild after it fully recovers. Is it not a good example of humanity? I think wildlife activists must thank Tamas Kothay and Dr Deri Janos, who helped the injured stork by providing an artificial beak.