1 in 4 Americans Texting While Driving

Texting while driving
One in four US drivers text while driving, even though there are bans in some states, the findings of a new survey reveals. The survey, conducted by mobile voice application company Vlingo, also found that 83 percent of the 4,800 people surveyed believed the practice should be banned.

Interestingly, sending text messages while driving is more prevalent in states where it is already banned or legislation is pending for a ban. Drivers in Tennessee were the most prolific texters, with 42 percent of those questioned admitting to the habit. A ban on using a cell phone to text while driving will go into effect in Tennessee in July. Currently texting while driving is banned only in seven US states and the capital city.

During the survey 26 percent of the respondents said they could not resist a bit of texting while driving. This is really scary. Because texting while driving increases the risk of accidents. Texting was responsible for a train crash in Los Angeles last September which killed 25 people, and a Boston trolly crash this month injured nearly 50 people.