Restoration of Berlin Wall Paintings

The famous murals on Berlin Wall, which is known as the East Side Gallery, will get a facelift. This summer the surviving 1,300 meters of the wall is to be scrubbed clean and then repainted by the same artists who turned it into a giant work of art.

Berlin Wall Painting by Thierry Noir

French artist Thierry Noir, who was the first artist to paint on the Berlin Wall, is organising the restoration of his paintings as well as those of around 120 other artists. The artists from 21 different countries, who painted the wall 20 years ago have been painstakingly traced and paid to return to Berlin to re-create their works once the wall, badly damaged by years of vandalism, exhaust fumes, harsh weather and souvenir hunters.

The restoration work, paid for with lottery funds, involves the use of transparencies and an overhead projector to ensure that the original works, such as Birgit Kinder's famous painting of a Trabant, the classic East German-made car, are accurately re-created.