'Hand of God' offered on eBay!

A man in northern Idaho saw a big hand rock formation in his backyard and he started to consider it as a divine sign! As it is divine, it definitely worth something, the man thought!

Hand of God2

So, Paul Grayhek, 52, listed the rock formation on the online auction Web site eBay. Paul calls the rock formation "Hand of God Rock Wall", which is approximately 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The shape appeared after a rockfall during Christian season of Lent on March 8. That's why Paul thinks that it is a symbol of the hand of God in his life.

As per the auction terms, Grayhek was not planning to part with the formation and the winner bidder would be buying the rights, complete and exclusive rights to the rock, including literary and movie rights. The eBay listing, which has been removed due to undisclosed reasons, received up to US$2175 bid. It means at least some people wanted to buy the "hand of God"! This world is full of so many weird people!


Anonymous said...

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