Judicious Use of Time for Success

Judicious use of time is very important for achieving success in life. Time is one thing that is rationed to everyone and has no black market at any price. Lost time and spoken words can never be got back.

Time is Precious

Some people have intelligence, have talent and are quite capable. They get ample opportunities but due to their habit of postponement they are not able to take advantage of the available opportunities and continue to live a worthless life.

It has been rightly said ,"Do not postpone the work for tomorrow that has to be done today. Do the work to be done today now itself for no one can be sure of the next moment. Death may take you away and then everything will remain incomplete".

There is an opportune time for every work and that is the time when it must be done. Once the time slips away the importance of the work itself may reduce. History is full with examples to prove that all those who postponed the work for tomorrow or were not punctual, lagged behind and others stole a march over them.

Napoleon could defeat Austria because Austrian forces were a bit late in mounting the attack. But the very same Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo and was made the prisoner because his Lieutenant was five minutes late to arrive with the additional forces. By not doing the work in time, victories turn into humiliating defeats and profits in business get converted into losses.

Managers who want to have smooth sailing in their organization have to take timely decisions. Any tendency to postpone decisions has to be avoided. Justice delayed is justice denied. When justice is denied to the employees because of postponement, the organization starts to suffer and then production will be seriously affected.

It would only be useful to keep the following great quotes in mind in regard to time:

  • Time is one thing that is rationed to everyone and it has no black market at any price.
  • Indecision and lack of major purpose are the greatest thieves of time.
  • The use of one's time determines the place one occupies in the world
  • Live each day as if it is the last day and you develop respect for time.
  • It is not sufficient to arrive, you should be in time.
  • You will have time for all your needs if you are properly organized.
  • The man who wastes his time may be no less a thief than the man who steals some other man's property.
  • Time is a wonderful healer. It tends to equalize good and evil and to right the wrongs of the world.
  • Tell me how you spend your spare time and I will tell you what and where you will be ten years from now.
  • No man is paid for his time but he may be paid for the use he makes of it. Only used time has value.
  • Every minute of the time saved on any job is the step on the road to success.