Man attends own Funeral!

Ever heard of someone attending his/her own funeral? Believe it or not, a Romanian man from Vadastra in Olt county staged his own funeral while he was still alive to make sure everything went to plan! Take a look at the man.


Marin Voinicu, 73, invited fellow villagers, relatives and friends to his home to mark his "future passing". The village priest also accepted his invitation to officiate a funeral sermon at the Voinicu's home.

"I did everything by the book. I even dug my own grave in the cemetery and laid down in it to see how it feels."Mr Voinicu told.He also said to his relatives to wail at his headstone for a test run.He was fully satisfied with his own funeral.

Mr Voinicu explained the decision to organize his own funeral because he didn't want to leave the task on his family's shoulders. His family also agreed to go along with it because they felt it would be easier to organize the event when they were not distracted by grieving.