Britney Spears to write Autobiography

Britney_Spearc_Pic (11)

Singer Britney Spears is reportedly set to sign a $14 million publishing deal for writing an autobiography. According to the Daily Mirror, Britney is close to detailing her rise to stardom and recent troubles after landing a multi-million-dollar book deal to write her memoirs.

Well, this may not be a bad idea. Because there are numerous unofficial Britney Spears biographies and they’ve never been 100% accurate. Now, her fans can expect to learn something new about her private life. But, the point is how deep she will go into her autobiography! Am I right?


feefifoto said...

Ummm -- Britney Spears can read?

Manz said...

She's been in the media SO much, what else is there to know?

She would have to be able to articulate her emotional ride - not sure she'll go there.

STACI said...

Let me guess. It will be titled, "I'm Just Country, Y'all."

Seriously, though, good for her. I'm glad she's getting her life together and making a come back. What better way to do so than writing a book these days.