The Art of Smiling

A happy smile is a passport to ready friendship. A genuine smile shows itself on the face, but it comes from within. It reflects a person's whole attitude towards life and towards other people.

A smiling face will become one of our greatest personal assets. It has physical, mental and social value. The physical value is seen first of all in the sheer effect it has upon one's personality by change in the appearance. Beauty and handsomeness can be spoiled completely by looks of anger and self-pity. But a perfectly plain face becomes immediately attractive when it is lit up with a beaming smile.

The mental effects of smiling form a beneficial circle. The mental attitude of hopefulness and optimism produces the smile. The smile in turn stimulates and purifies the mind. Smiling produces a feeling of happiness.

Socially, too, smiling is of great value. It shows friendliness and awakens to whom it is directed. It prepares the ground for all the relationship which is to follow.

Here are a few hints to cultivate the art of smiling.:

Practise Smiling: Stand in front of the mirror and see yourself when you are doing something you enjoy. Your face will light up and you will like yourself.

Look for the good, Glad and Beautiful: All the good things are around you. Practise the art of observation and appreciation. Let sheer pleasure bring that radiant smile on your face again.

Let people contribute to your Happiness: When people try to help us, thank us, reward us, let us not spoil their pleasure by our indifferent attitude. Let there be genuine, smiling, heart-warming appreciation of what they are doing.

Learn the Art of Smiling through Giving: Some shops display a notice which says "Service with a Smile". The process should be automatic with everyone. To be of service to someone should make us really glad.

Practise Tranquillity: It is the worried people who frown. Peaceful people show their peace of mind in a clear, calm and smiling face. Many people find peacefulness through prayer and worship. Others may find it in music, poetry or techniques of relaxation. But one way or the other, to have a quiet mind is the best way to have a smiling face.


Dwacon® said...

Smiling also helps lower your blood pressure and improves health.

M.Hartz said...

Your ideas are inspiring.