Shop returns $7,500 left in Donated Shoes


A charity shop in US has returned $7,500 to a man who mistakenly donated the money with a pair of old shoes. According to Sky News, the cash was discovered by a Bulgarian immigrant on her first day at the Goodwill store in Glen Carbon, Illinois. This proves that there is no scarcity of honest people in this world.

Teodora Petrova, the woman, found the cash in a shoebox and returned it to the management. The cash was bundled in large denominations. The store then started tracking down the shoes' donor. Scraps of paper left in the shoebox help Goodwill to locate the family.

The donor apparently also called the donation store's office, guessing he was the source of the cash. The shoes belonged to the man's recently deceased parents. The Goodwill store said he didn't want to be identified. Petrova got a gift from the family for her honesty in turning over the money.