The Dark Side of Virtual Life

The Dark Side of Virtual Life
In today's world many people are living two lives - one real and one virtual. And because of the virtual life that people love to live, online role-playing games are becoming popular day by day. Often people go so deep into their virtual life that they almost forget their real life. It is really bad for your real life and sometimes it may lead to very bad consequences.

Let's take the example for the Japanese woman who has been arrested for killing her virtual husband in a popular multiplayer online role-playing game. According to news reports, the woman who is in jail in Sapporo, was apparently furious at finding herself suddenly divorced in the game Maplestory. So, she illegally accessed login details of the man playing her virtual husband, and killed off his character in last May.

She was taken to Sapporo, where her "husband", a 33-year-old office worker lives, from her home in Miyazaki, which is 620 miles away. If she is charged and convicted for illegally accessing a computer and manipulating data, she could faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Can you imagine the gravity of the situation? This could happen to anyone who takes their virtual lives very seriously. Here, I would like to give only one advise. Play games, love your virtual character, but never go deep into it. Take it lightly. Otherwise big problems will knock your door soon!