World's First Bird

Palaeontologists have discovered the World's first bird. Take a look at the image above. Known as Kuehneosaurus, this lizard-like flying reptile inhabited the warm late Triassic period from 235 to 200 million years ago. Kuehneosaurus was first discovered in the UK inside an ancient cave system near Bristol.

Palaeobiologist Koen Stein from Institute of Palaeontology, Bonn, Germany, with Colin Palmer, Pamela Gill and Michael Benton from Bristol University's Department of Earth Sciences carried out the research on aerodynamic capability of kuehneosaurus. They performed some important aerodynamic tests and simulations with lifesize models of the creatures. And they found that kuehneosaurus was aerodynamically very stable. Jumping from a tree, this flying reptile could easily have crossed 9m before landing on the ground.

The pioneering findings of Koen Stein and his team were published this week by the Paleontological Association.