69th Marathon in the age of 69

Can you dare to run a marathon in the age of 69 years? I am sure that only a handful of us can dare to do so. But, a 69 years old women has just completed the 69th marathon run of her life. Her name is Pauline Newsholme and she is from Teignmouth.

Pauline runs marathons for a cause. Her daughter Clare was paralysed at the age of six after suffering a rare complication from measles. So, Pauline decided to run marathons to raise money for a children's charity. Now, her daughter recovered fully and her efforts helped in raising more than £20,000 for children's charities.

Pauline ran her first half marathon in February 1982 in Oxford. After that, she has run marathons all over the world, including Helsinki, Toronto, New York, Dublin, Venice and Paris. Her husband Eric, 72, and daughter Glenda, 45, also joined her in many marathons.

So, what we can learn from this 69 years old runner? We can learn than, with determination and best efforts we can do anything in this world. And age is not a limiting factor for any kind of work.


Antioxidant said...

It's pretty amazing that at the age of 69 she is still in good enough shape to complete a marathon. I've read that people who run frequently damage their joints over time.